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Imagen if Jary, Gerge, Elane, and Krame from ‘Seinfeld’ All Released Indie Record’s Today and Then Pichfork Reviewed Them Lol – by @Seinfeld2000

Hey whats up! Im the guy whose runing @Seinfeld2000, a parady twiter acount that imagen’s what the TV show Sienfeld (which the Nationel Brodcasting Compeny canceled in 1998 due to low rating’s) would be like if it was still on TV today.

Have you guy’s heard of Pichfork.com? If not, defenitely do a Bing search for it. Basicly they take university english literature papers on the major themes in James Joice’s “Ulyses” and put the name of a new indie rock albem on top and assigne it a arbetrary score. Just kidding but also Im dead serieous. Anyway’s, imagen if the characters from Senfeld all relesed indie rock albem’s and then Pichfork reviewed them today? LOL, well thats is EXACTLY what I imagened for you this week. Plese defenitely twete this to youre family and frend’s becuase Im prety sure I just change the way you think about music critecism.

While comedien’s ernest atempts at strait ahead rock are oftan ill advise (see Louis CK’s 2009 album for Matedor Record’s, Masterbaiten Stain’s On My Black T Shirt), honestly, Jary Siendfeld he bring the same level of integraty that he bring’s to his epanymous TV show Seinfeld and his two film’s, Bee Movie and Bee Movie 2: You Got Stunged, to his first albem for Merge. Recorded entiarly on an iPhone 4S and produce by Mathew Freidberger of the Arcaide Fire, Thats A Shame chanel’s Jarys trade mark observatienel humer and wry wit into an albem full of sqelching riff’s, metalic squink’s, glonks with a dusting of electranic blurps. Song’s like “Women Are Disposable I Just Use Them For Sex And Then My Best Frend Garge He Murder Them When Im Done” ofer sharp coler comentary on relatienship’s in the modarn day. “It’s Not A Purse (It’s European)” is probebly the most poinient musicle respanse on comodificatien and comercialism since The Who Sell Out. Ultimetely? That’s A Shame distil every aspect of the modarn world today into an undeniebly meaningfel and transendent listaning experiance.



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